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Electric Water Heater Repair

What are the common problems and how to troubleshoot electric water heater? Use the guide below to see the main reasons for your electric water heater repair. Do you have a problem with the thermostat, heating elements or there is no hot water? OK, let’s find out more about troubleshooting and fixing the heater and what you should know to order repair parts.

For almost every problem or condition that is related to your electric heater there is a number of different causes. Here are some:

Problem: Why my electric water heater doesn’t produce hot water?

Solution: If there is no electric power in the heater check the fuses or circuit breaker. Use the manufacturer manual to check are the wiring connections properly installed at the heater’s terminals. Remove oxidation from the wiring and if the connection is loose, fix it. If your heating element is gone due to the lime build up, high voltage, heater vibration or dry-firing (heating element was not fully immersed in the water when it was ON) do not try to repair it, buy a new element and simply replace it. Check the thermostat and if it is faulty replace it. When replacing any of the faulty components try to match parameters. Get the facts about  water heater repair Idaho Falls

Problem: Electric water heater produces insufficient hot water

Solution: You might have the undersized heater. Next time try correctly to dimension your water heating system. Repair the leaking hot water faucets or tank drain if needed. Drain and flush your electric water heater regularly to remove the sediment build up. If the thermostat is set too low increase the temperature of the outgoing water. Thermostat should be working properly and mounted flash with the tank; if it is loose correct it. Use the insulation jacket for the heater and insulation for pipes to reduce the heat loss. Check the bottom heating element for the open circuit or if it is grounded, replace it.

Problem: How to repair slow hot water recovery?

Solution: One of the common causes for the slow hot water recovery is the lime build up on the heating elements. If the water is too hard use the water softener, otherwise clean the elements. but be careful not to damage the copper sheath. If the thermostat is misplaced, position it per manufacturer’s instruction. Check is the dip tube improperly installed on the hot water line.

Problem: Too expensive to operate electric water heater

Solution: Reduce the temperature on the thermostat if it is set too high. Check for leaks on the hot water tap, around heating elements, heater nipples and the tank drain… that is a pure energy and money waste. If your water heater and the pipeline are not insulated, especially during the winter time, do so. Use the insulation blanket for the heater.

Problem: Noise

Solution: Lime formation on the heating element or in the tank is the reason why the water heater produces a rumbling, pounding or sizzling noise. Use the fine brush to clean the lime scale from the elements.

Before you try to repair the electric water heater, call the company the unit was purchased from to order the part. To get the right part always provide the following info: Model number, serial number and part description.

Other problems related to the electric water heaters might include heating elements, anode rod, water odor and unusual taste, hot water fluctuation…