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Info on Gold American Eagle

American Eagle Gold Coins, which are minted in the U.S.A., are regarded as well-known gold bullion coins. The standard of their gold content is that it should be 100% from U.S. sources alone to be considered legal. Initially launched in 1986, during the time when South African gold had been banned as an import product in protest to apartheid, the popularity of the American Eagle gold coin went up. Furthermore, it also encountered high demand amidst the ongoing situation.

The availability of American Eagle Gold Coins are in 1/10 oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz and 1 oz denominations which also represent the gold content of the coin plus other metals that add up to the gold’s weight. All consist of 22-karat gold, that is 91.67% pure gold. American Eagle Gold Coins has copper and silver alloy content which makes them different from the South African Kruggerands. The copper and silver alloy content are responsible for the yellower tone and lighter weight of these coins contrary to Kruggerands’ deep orange tone. Click here gold american eagle for more.

The Lady Liberty which holds her torch is depicted on one side of the coin and on the other side is a male eagle which is flying above its female counterpart and their offspring. The male eagle is a symbolic representation of the United States’ power and its promise to protect itself and its entire people. The male eagle can also be seen grasping an olive branch which symbolizes the mission and quest of America for peace while keeping its strength. All denominations carry a similar design. The gold content listed is the only thing that creates the distinction.

All American Eagle Gold Coins also carry a face value. 1/10 oz coins carry a mark of $5, ¼ oz coins carry a mark of $10, ½ oz coins carry a mark of $25 and finally, 1 oz coins are marked $50. Ideally, the face values are symbolic representation also reflecting the status of the coins as legal tender. The market value of these coins’ gold content plus their certain specified premiums is their real and actual value. Therefore, it is safe to say that one American Eagle Gold Coin carrying a label of $50 has a market value of as much as $900 at the present time. This makes these coins ideal and worthy investments.

Another great property of American Eagle Gold Coins is that they are recognized and well-known worldwide. In fact, they are regarded as one of the most popular gold coins in the world. Their beauty, the powerful symbol they depict and the uniqueness of their design add up to their appeal making them every gold coin collector’s dream. These gold coins also have a classic gold tone making them pleasing to display. Any owner will take pride in an American Eagle Gold Coin. Furthermore, their weight and gold content which is guaranteed by the U.S. mint make them great investments as well. Anyone who is serious about collecting gold coins should own an American Eagle Gold Coin. It is one strong representation of America that anyone should be proud of.